High quality whole frozen squid

High quality whole frozen squid

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Squid is a seafood. Squid is rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron, which is very beneficial to bone development and hematopoiesis and can prevent anemia. In addition to being rich in protein and amino acids needed by the human body, squid is also a low-calorie food containing a large amount of taurine. It can suppress the cholesterol content in the blood, prevent adult diseases, relieve fatigue, restore vision, and improve liver function. The polypeptides, selenium and other trace elements it contains have anti-viral and anti-ray effects.

Main products:squid, pen tube, hairtail, mackerel, bonito, grouper, shrimp, etc.
Services:Aquatic product processing, sales and refrigeration

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The perfect seafood choice for busy individuals and seafood enthusiasts alike. Here's what sets our frozen squid apart:

☑ Superior Quality: Our frozen squid is sourced from the freshest catches, ensuring premium quality and taste. Each piece is carefully selected and frozen at peak freshness to retain its natural flavors and texture.

☑ Convenient and Time-saving: With our frozen squid, you can skip the tedious cleaning and preparation process. It comes pre-cleaned and pre-cut, making it quick and easy to use in your favorite recipes, reducing prep time significantly.

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Versatility in Cooking

From traditional Asian stir-fries to Mediterranean salads and grilled dishes, our frozen squid fits seamlessly into various cuisines. Its tender meat and delicate flavor make it a go-to ingredient for creating mouthwatering seafood dishes.

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Extended Shelf Life

Our freezing techniques lock in freshness and nutrients, extending the shelf life of our frozen squid. This means you can stock up and have this versatile ingredient always available in your freezer, ready to be used whenever inspiration strikes.

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Nutritional Value

Our frozen squid is a fantastic source of lean protein, low in calories, and rich in vitamins and minerals. With its low fat content, it's a healthier choice for satisfying your seafood cravings.

Enterprise Advantage


● Donggang Daping Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. operates various aquatic product processing, sales and refrigeration services all year round. The main products include: various squid products, wild fish products and self-caught sales.

● Donggang Daping Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Liaoning Daping Fishery Group Co., Ltd. Daping Fishery is a professional formal ocean-going fishery company approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China. It is mainly engaged in ocean fishing and transportation. The company has more than 40 ocean-going fishing vessels, large-scale There are 2 ocean-going refrigerated transport ships, and the fleet is mainly distributed in the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean to engage in distant-water fishing. The freshly caught wild aquatic products are directly frozen and processed on the ship to ensure the best nutritional value and product quality and meet consumers' demand for high-quality aquatic products.

● The company's main products include squid, pen tubes, hairtail, mackerel, bonito, grouper, shrimp, etc. There are more than 20 kinds of squid products, with an annual output of more than 5,000 tons. The products are mainly sold to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the United States and European Union and other places

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